Value and philosophy

  Enhance the ordinary…

It’s a perfect picture, a focal point,

Not to define but, inspire.

Allowing your individuality to shine through,

Reveal your inner strength,

Spark confidence and adorn one’s personal style.



The Davousz philosophy hides behind the name, a name given out of love, a name rooted in handcraft history, refined by European quality, it created an exotic craftsmanship entity. A World of elegance. Davousz pieces are more than just products, it is the embodiment of adorning the human figure, extending a timeless experience and lasting value.



Davousz “Enhance the ordinary” is the essence of individuality. A natural sense of style, an authentic air of confidence, understated elegance, unpretentious rather than commanding the spotlight, inspire to broaden one’s horizons, characteristics which reflect of a garment patiently handcrafted, complementary sized with details to seduce, to fall in love with the practical and versatility use of each item.



A dream, a designer, the journey of a visionary, Davousz set out to create contemporary yet, timeless distinctive high-quality products, inspired by the history of his country Curaçao. A unique sun-warmed picturesque view of fashion Caribbean lifestyle.